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 #funfact : When I started my training as a graphic designer in 1999 I had never actually used a computer besides from writing a letter in MSWord. Nor had I ever written an email or surfed the internet. On my first day, I didn't even know how to start the computer. I learned Photoshop, starting with version 5.0 which was all the hype back then. Today we are so used to all the apps we use on a daily basis (me included) that we can't even remember the time all this didn't exist. What are the apps you can't live without? One app, I use on a daily basis is . That's how I edit all my Instagram images.  Can I get a YAY! for summer? It's officially summer today though we're already boiling in the summer heat for a couple of days here in Paris. #summerdays I am not complaining. But if you have any tips on how to stay cool during the summer season, please let me know. And, do you think it's okay to have ice cream for breakfast?
 Creativity is a two-way thing. If you want to be creative, you need to fill your brain with creative ideas. Without input, there's no output. But how do you get creative input and stay motivated all the time? Today I share 10 ways to find inspiration for your next design project on the blog (link in bio). Make sure to check it out and tell me: How do you find inspiration to stay creative?  Don't be stingy with giving away free information. The fastest way to convert your audience into actual clients or customers is to build trust. Focus your marketing on giving rather than promoting. Providing your audiences with free valuable information and advice shows them that you are an expert. And if they can test drive what you have to offer they are more likely to buy. A good way to give value for free is a content upgrade or freebie you can offer your audience. Think of them as a gateway to your paid product.