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 “It's just another manic Monday I wish it was Sunday Cause that's my fun day My I don't have to run day It's just another manic Monday” Let’s start this Monday slow, okay? Just like a second Sunday. We don’t need to run. Enjoy a second cup of coffee. We have all week to stress ourselves out. And hey, who else likes The Bangles?  Your style, your values, your story, your audience, your offer - THIS IS YOUR BRAND! Gain the clarity you need to spread the message about your brand. The Brand Clarity Guide will help you to get to the core of your brand. 40+ pages with exercises that help you define your brand basis and create a brand you will be proud of. Get it now! Click the link in my bio and find out more!
 Because of my minimalist lifestyle aka the tiny apartment complex, I don’t own boxes full of props, fabrics, and decoration to style my photos for Instagram. I never buy stuff I don’t actually need. So buying a decorative item to use it just to take a couple of images isn’t reasonable in my opinion. I go with what I already have. Things I use every day. I use cups, glasses, candles, cutting boards, scarves, curtains, even my lipstick. It’s great to trigger your inspiration and see things you own in a new light. Try it out yourself. Look around your home. I am sure you will find awesome props for your next photo shoot. Tell me what kind of everyday items you use in the comments. I am curious to find out!  Quick tip: Not every tiny space needs to be filled in your layout. Leave some space for your elements to breath. Whitespace doesn’t equal lost space. It means you’re putting the focus on the most important.