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Welcome to ThatDay. I am Sandra, graphic designer, brand ace, Paris adventurer, and obsessed with simplicity. I've been building and designing brands for 10+ years. 2017 is the year I created my own brand.

Do you want to rock your brand like an ace and design unique brand visuals? Use the blog posts and free resources you find on this site to create a brand you will be proud of.

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 > less stuff more space > less stuff more time > less stuff more quality > less stuff more appreciation If you’re on a minimalist journey like me, tell me what do you have more of now that you own less.
 It’s more than 2 years that I moved to Paris [time runs fast] but sometimes I still feel like a tourist. There’s so much to do, so much to discover, so many places I haven’t seen yet in this city I call my home now. Let’s do some #fridayintroductions ! Introduce yourself and tell me where you live? Photo by @indiatupy on @unsplash_com
 Have you ever thought of your brand as a person? What character traits would fit your brand? And what’s your brand’s style? Your design, colors, and fonts should always reflect this personality. What’s your brand’s personality? Casual, down-to-earth, quirky, fun, brisk? Tell me in the comments!
 Branding is like a puzzle. It contains many pieces e.g. design, story, experience or strategy. You have to find the right place for every piece. Only if you connect them all you can see the whole picture and use your full potential. That’s why I don’t offer only brand design. My service packages focus on your brand as a whole. With this WholeBrand method, we connect all parts of your brand. First, we dig deep into the foundation of your brand to help you gain clarity. Then we can create a design that truly aligns with your vision. And to get the most out of your design we will develop a strategy that integrates your style and makes your brand complete. All elements of your brand should work together. That’s my goal for every project I take on. If you’re interested in working together on your brand or learning more about this method, check out my services! (link in bio) #WholeBrandMethod
 Are you an over-planner? I definitely was. I love making lists and writing tasks down. That is until I realized, it was taking up too much precious time and keeping me from actually doing stuff. When you spend more time planning than doing, I’ve got a little tip for you. Don’t write down every tiny little step. It’s nice to cross off all those mini steps but it’s also overwhelming. I don’t even want to start my day if I see a mile-long list is waiting to be done. Stick to three task a day. I know, you have so much more to do within one day and you can. But three tasks seem and are really manageable. No. 1 is your non-negotiable. This absolutely has to be done. Two and three are things you decide to plan in that day. If you have some time left, of course, you can smash out more tasks. By reducing my daily tasks to three, I leave space for unexpected events or just stuff that happens. I feel much better and extremely motivated if I knock off my list each and every day. #plannergirl
 How do you write your brand name? Consistency is important in branding and even tiny details like how you write your name count. You need to find a way to make your name stand out in your copy (everywhere it appears in written form). You can use all caps, spaces or add special characters. There are unlimited possibilities. Pick one and make sure you stick to it.

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