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Imagine being able to create your future
by building a brand that shows off your personality and
brings your vision to life without going through
stress, overwhelm, and confusion.

If you’re ready to build
a unique visual strategy for your brand,
to spread your message and attract your tribe
then you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to ThatDay. I am Sandra. Brand stylist, visual strategist, and content creator. An advocate for simplicity who is trying to live a slow life in the big city.

Do you want to rock your brand like an ace and design unique brand visuals? I help bloggers and creative entrepreneurs to create strong and outstanding visual strategies for their online brands.

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Instagram stories pack - light and dark | 20 fully customizable layouts which work with any brand style. Change fonts, colors, and images to match your unique brand style | thatistheday.com #instagramstories #templates #minimal #lifestyle

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