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How to be more organized

Wouldn’t it be great to be more organized? Learn how you can be organized with these simple hacks | #organize #organization #organizationtips #routines #habits #getthingsdone

Wouldn’t it be great to be more organized? I mean, there must be a way, right? You’ve seen others who seem to have their sh** together. The question is, how exactly do they do it? Do they have more hours than you have? Do they hire help? Or do they have fewer responsibilities? This all might be the case but the real answer is, they do what it takes to be more organized. And it’s not witchcraft. Learn how you too can organize your life by putting a couple of things in place. What does it look like to be organized Being organized means something different to everyone. Perhaps you want to feel less stressed. Running from one appointment to the next is draining your energy. You would love to have a moment to yourself. Maybe being organized for you, is having a tidy home and a meal planned for […]

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How to brain dump for clarity

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you need more clarity? A brain dump helps you to move past that and you can be more productive | #braindump #productivity #creativity #journaling

Your head will explode in 3, 2, 1, 0. No, just kidding. But do you sometimes have the feeling that your brain is clogged up with more stuff than it can handle? Your brain is a powerful tool but only if you use it efficiently. We constantly put more and more information into it. It’s a total junkyard. It might be time to declutter your brain to free up some headspace. Whenever I feel overwhelmed and stressed I do a brain dump for clarity. In this post, I’ll explain how to do a brain dump and which positive effects you’ll see from it. What’s a brain dump Do you remember the world before smartphones? When you had all the phone numbers of friends, family, and colleagues in your head? That’s a lot of information. The same goes for your grocery list, appointments, and your neighbor’s dog’s birthday. At some point, […]

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