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5 reasons to choose a typographic logo

April 10, 2017

You might think a typographic logo or wordmark is kind of lame. The first impression is often that there’s not very much going on in these logos compared to others. If you take a closer look, you will see the creativity and finesse with which they are able to say many things without screaming at you. Typographic logos have many advantages. The fact that many big brands got rid of icons and other elements in the last years proves that typographic logos not only work well but they are also a huge trend right now.


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The simple version of a typographic logo


If you’re not a designer and you want to create a logo yourself, a typographic logo is the best choice for you. Just write out your business name, pick a font that reflects your brand and you’re done. The best choice for non-designers is always to stick with something simple. For somebody who’s just starting out and doesn’t want to invest in professional logo design, this is a good solution.


When typography is on point, words become images. – Shawn Lukas


The advanced version of a typographic logo


Most wordmarks are more difficult to create than the simple version above. They are at times even more complicated to realize than other types of logos because you have to reduce your design to basic typographic elements and still create something unique that attracts attention + reflects the brand. It can mean hours and hours of sketching and trying different things. The designer must have the power of imagination to transform a simple typeface into a meaningful logo.


There are many ways to give significance to a typographic logo e.g. by transforming type into symbols or using negative space. You need good typography knowledge to choose the right typeface and the sensitivity to arrange the letters through letter spacing and kerning to be pleasing to the eye.


It might be easy to create a typographic logo but it’s really difficult to create a good one.


logo design example-portfolio


5 reasons to choose a typographic logo




Typographic logos focus on your business name instead of on icons and other design elements. The name is easy to absorb and therefore easily recognizable.




People tend to memorize logos that are simple and easy to grasp after having seen them only a couple of times. A type-based logo is the best choice if you want something memorable.




Fonts say a lot about your brand. They trigger emotion. Don’t think a typographic logo can’t transport your brand message or communicate your values. A well-picked font reflects your brand even in a simple typographic logo.




The best logos are timeless. Even if type-based logos are the hype right now, there hasn’t ever been a time when wordmarks weren’t used for logo design. If you decide on a typographic logo, you’re planning for the future.


Application possibilities


Possibilities are endless with this kind of logo design. You can easily switch the logo to black & white if needed. They can be reproduced in any kind of medium (print + web). They are scalable which means high-quality output and even readable if reproduced very teeny-tiny.


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  1. Fabulous!!!! Just exactly the arguments I needed to convince my client and was struggling to put words together! You did beautifully. Thank you so much!!

    • Sandra @thatistheday

      Thank you Vera. People oftentimes don’t understand the value of a simple typographic logo.