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5 Sunday habits for a better week ahead

July 8, 2019

Just another manic Monday. Gotten up with the wrong foot this morning? Often our weeks start off in a rush. Last night you’ve been relaxing in front of the TV with nothing to worry about but as soon as Monday comes rolling around reality slaps you in the face. All those good intentions you had for the weekend, all those things you wanted to do on Sunday, didn’t happen. Again. Now, the new week has only started and you already feel stressed, behind on your schedule and out of balance. But you can take control of how your week turns out. You can set yourself up for a better week ahead with some simple Sunday habits and still enjoy your weekend.


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Sunday night blues


Usually, around 6 pm it hits us. The Sunday night blues. And you realize how quickly this weekend has passed. You start checking your weekend to-do list in your mind. And there are lots of things on it which didn’t happen. A weekend wasted for nothing?


We put a lot of pressure on ourselves because we want to get the most out of our free time on the weekend. From barbecue with friends over visiting this new expo to catching up with our laundry. Not to forget that we also want to relax. All week we’ve been dreaming about sleeping in on Sunday or spending time with a good book in the afternoon. But how many of our plans and good intentions slip through the cracks as soon as we kick off our shoes in the hall on Friday evening?


To avoid the blues, a bit of intentional planning can help. Of course, you don’t want to plan your weekends like clockwork. This would only result in more stress. I find that scheduling two or three things for the weekend is a good compromise. A mix of things which either need to get done before the week starts and which you enjoy doing. Duty and pleasure. 


The most important aspect of planning is that you’re realistic with your time. And, come next Sunday evening, you’ll feel like you made your weekend count. You can look forward to the next week without discomfort and a lump in your throat.


Mondays don’t have to suck


Instead of trying to find back into your routine, wouldn’t it be great to start your Monday feeling prepared? With a clear mind and a clear schedule? If you’re not prepared on a Monday morning you’ll spend all week swimming against the current. When you feel stressed and overwhelmed you’ll make bad decisions, don’t take care of yourself, and waste a lot of time. Here are the best Sunday habits to prepare you for the week ahead.


5 Sunday habits for a better week


The habits you integrate into your usual Sunday will depend on your custom needs. Even trying one of the habits below can improve your whole upcoming week. These Sunday habits will make you feel in control of your schedule and have a huge impact on your upcoming week.


Plan the week ahead


Planning helps you to stay calm and it doesn’t take up much time. Writing down what needs to get done during the next week and taking a look at your schedule, makes you feel prepared.


First, look at fix appointments and deadlines. The things you can’t move around. Then you can take your to-do list and schedule it into your calendar. That’s 5 minutes in order to spend Sunday evening relaxed.

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Set your intention for the week


This goes hand in hand with planning. I am a big fan of journaling. If you find yourself a bit anxious about the week ahead, a sort of brain dump can help to sort things out. Whatever it is that occupies your mind, it often looks clearer and less intimidating once you’ve put your thoughts on paper.


You might find it helpful to note your goal for the week and set your intention. With this in mind, it’s often easier to make plans for the week. Journaling brings you the clarity to see what’s important and what doesn’t necessarily have to stay on your list. 

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Cleaning on a Sunday, are you sure? Yes, and I’ll tell you why. This might not be true for everybody but I can’t relax if my apartment is messy. I feel much calmer if it’s generally clean and tidy. Though, I am not in the mood to swing the broom on a Sunday either.


But here’s what you can try. Set your timer to 15 minutes and do a speed clean up. Only the most necessary things need to get done. Putting all the stuff that’s lying around where it belongs, dirty dishes in the dishwasher, a quick wipe over surfaces and you’re done. You’ll instantly feel like you’ve accomplished something and you can enjoy the rest of your day.


Take some time for yourself on Sunday to be more energised and focus during the week | thatistheday #sundayhabits




This brings us straight to the next point: relax. Nothing will more likely throw you out of the curve during a busy week than not taking the time to recharge your batteries. It’s often the first thing to get pushed aside when your weekend is busy. Though it’s the only thing we dream about all week. To finally have time to do nothing, taking a badly needed nap in the afternoon or going to bed early.


Whatever it is you’ve been fantasizing about, make time for it. The upcoming week will pass smoother if you’re freshly energized and your best-recovered self. Sundays are perfect for taking a little bit of time for yourself.


Meal prep


If you’re cooking dinner Sunday night why not make a great batch of something? It’s only a little extra work. And it could save your life on a weekday night when you’re coming home late and you can’t be bothered preparing dinner. 


Let’s be honest, when life gets hectic during the week you’re prone to make unhealthy food decisions. I can’t tell you how often I’ve been in this situation. Throwing some olives and cheese on a plate and calling it a day. But on a day like this, you’ll be happy to find some leftover pasta dish from Sunday.


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Let me know you’re tips and tricks to conquer Monday mornings in a storm right below in the comments!

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