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5 things to do before designing your logo

June 18, 2018

Here you are. Just about to create the most important feature of your brand. Your logo. This is a big thing and you’re most likely very motivated and eager to start. But you might also be hesitant because designing a logo for your brand involves so much more than having a great idea and picking a nice font and color. It’s a real process. And before you get to actually creating, you need to do your preparation. There are 5 things you need to know before you start designing your logo:


Here you are. Just about to create the most important feature of your brand. Your logo. This is a big thing and you’re most likely very motivated and eager to start. But before you get to actually creating your logo, you need to do your preparation first | thatistheday.com

Do your research


Research is the base of good design. When you’re building a brand the decisions you’re going to make for your logo design actually go beyond the logo itself. Your logo will be integrated into your whole brand identity. You’ll want to make sure everything is cohesive. That’s why you need to focus on and define your brand foundation first. This includes defining your brand’s personality, your target audience, as well as choosing your brand values and finding a way you want to communicate them to your audience.


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Know your brand style


Once you’ve done your research and build your brand foundation, it’s time to decide which style can best attract your target audience and communicate your brand message. I recommend looking for inspiration e.g. on Instagram and Pinterest and create a mood board for your brand. This can help you to define your brand style and choose your colors and fonts.


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Pick the right type of logo


Every brand has different needs when it comes to their logo. Before you can start creating, you better think of all the places you want to use your logo first. This helps you to decide what kind of logo you need and which format it should have. Often it’s even necessary to create multiple logo variations to cover your needs. Where will you put your logo? How much space do you have? Which format is the best, square, round, rectangular? A simple wordmark or will you add an icon? These are all questions you want to answer before designing your logo.


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Use the right tools


The right tools are, of course, indispensable to create a good quality and professional looking logo even as a non-designer. Logos must be versatile. This means they need to be scalable without losing quality. The best software for logo design is Adobe Illustrator. Please don’t use Photoshop because it’s photo editing software. While you’re looking for the right design software it’s also time to decide if you want to create icons and illustrations yourself or if you want to buy them predesigned. The same goes for fonts. Do you already own the perfect font for your logo or do you need to buy one? Logo templates are a great solution for non-designers. If you’re unsure you can create the logo of your dreams yourself, you can always find a template and just customize it to your needs. Take a look at the template shop!


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Start with pen and paper


Always start the design process with pen and paper. I’ve found that this really triggers my creativity. Doing scribbles allows you to try different layouts, styles, and compositions. It’s not necessary to be good at designing by hand. These scribbles are just for you. They will help you to decide very quickly which ideas are good and which you can eliminate directly.


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