brand clarity exercise


> Whenever you put your brand out there, people will react to it by the way you transport your message. Logos, images, graphics can speak for you.


> Great brand design can:  communicate your message, build a connection, grow your audience, generate more traffic, trigger interaction and make your brand stand out.


the power of brand design


You’re not clear about what actually makes a great brand design? Don’t get frustrated! I know what it takes and I am motivated and passionate to set you up with the knowledge and guidance you need.


Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

You have a blog, business or project in which you put all your passion and energy? You want to be seen and spread the word to your target audience and create a relationship with your customer. But how? How to reach your audience or future customers? Especially, if you are promoting your services or products online, it can be hard to get a foot into the door – the internet is H-U-G-E. You have to do a lot of waving your arms and yelling “Hey, over here”, to get someone’s attention. Having a good brand design can take a lot of that work off your shoulders. The right design attracts attention and stays in the viewer’s (your reader’s, customer’s) mind. It also transports your brand message. No yelling necessary. You can focus on service and building relationships with your audience/ clients.


The details are not the details. they make the design.

You probably realized, what somehow seems to be mere details (a logo, your profile picture on Instagram, the cover of your ebook or a business card) is really important with regard to the big picture (your brand). It makes you unique, it transports your individual perspective, it makes you stand out from the crowd.


The only way to support a revolution is to make your own.

Sandra @thatistheday


If you believe in your project/ product you should value THE POWER OF DESIGN! Right here on this blog you can learn how to create your own awesome brand design and everything that comes along with it. I love to teach you what I know about design and what I learned through my work (Insider tips included – I spill it all). We will talk about topics including:

branding: creating perfect images for your online presence, using easy-to-handle tools

photography: how to take sensational images and the process of editing them

marketing: set yourself up for social media and promote your products, get more revenue

organization: stay on top of things, build a system that works for you

I will be your guide. Together we will: 



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