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I am Sandra, brand stylist, content creator, and creative rebel, devoted to helping you build a life on your terms.

Less stuff more freedom

For the longest time, I had felt out of place, overwhelmed, and stressed. I was dissatisfied with my life and my work. Though I was absorbing every advice I could get, I was struggling to find my way. Somehow it never felt right. Something needed to change and I began looking for alternatives.

Slowly I began to understand that I need to look inside myself to find a solution rather than looking at what everybody else does. I needed to create my own path even if this path didn't follow social standards.

My first step was guided by a strong need for less. At a time, when everything felt too much, I opted for simplicity. After decluttering my wardrobe I began to look into more ways to reduce excess and focus on what’s important in life. I simplified everything from my schedule to business processes. With every step, I felt calmer and more in line with myself.

Albert Einstein put it like this "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Simplicity is the common thread which weaves itself through my life and my work. I strongly believe that life doesn't have to be complicated. It takes time to make changes but once you have simplified your life you get more freedom and time to do what makes you happy.

On this quest to a slow, intentional, and creative life I share my journey and experiences on this blog hoping to inspire others.

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+ favorite colors: black and white

+ simply everything, everything simple

+ boring things like organizing, systematizing, list-making

+ word acrobatics and storytelling

+ modern, clean, minimalist design

+ favorite outfit: T-shirt, jeans, sneakers

+ color-coded bookshelves

+ pistachios




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