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How to backup your files

May 12, 2017

Everybody knows, all hell breaks loose when your computer doesn’t work. Suddenly, your carefully planned out day is turned upside down and becomes an emotional rollercoaster. Let’s be honest, this happens to every one of us and while it will always be a difficult thing to handle, you can keep calm if you have a system in place to back up your files. To save and backup my files I use a 3-part system.

The advantages of a backup system


  • Organization: know where everything is
  • Security: file storage in three places = triples safety
  • Flexibility: access files from everywhere
  • Speed: access files easily from several devices


What if your computer breaks? Do you have a backup of your files in place. Here's how I save and backup all my files + how I backup my blog | thatistheday.com #CloudBackup #CloudStorage #officeorganization #homeoffice #filingsystem

Save files locally


Of course, I save the files on my computer. At least everything I currently work on or use on a regular basis. No need to save 500 photos from your last vacation on your computer if you don’t need to access them often. This only takes up space on your computer.


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Back up on an external hard drive regularly


If you have tons of photos or other files you don’t need often, it’s a good idea to save them to an external hard drive. I also backup everything on my computer to this hard drive on a regular basis. I use this portable hard drive from Toshiba. If you work on a  Mac, you can use Time Machine to help with the backups. You can set which files you need to backup and Time Machine will remind you if it’s time for a backup.


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Backup in cloud storage automatically


Using cloud storage is super easy. Once connected, your files are backed up automatically. The best thing is, you can access the files from everywhere and with all your devices. It’s ideal if you work in a team because you can make these files available for others too.


I actually use two things here: iCloud for my personal and client files and Google drive for everything blog related.


When you work on a Mac the easiest way to store files is using iCloud. I pay $0.99 per month for 50GB. You can decide what files to save in the cloud in the settings. What I love most about this, is, you just set it and forget it. You know your files are safe without you doing any manual backups. And you can access your files at any time from everywhere.


How I backup my blog


For my WordPress blog, I use a little plugin called UpdraftPlus. Once you have the plugin installed you can connect it with different cloud storage platforms like Dropbox or Amazon web services. I chose Google drive. It now backs up my blog on a regular schedule and sends me an email after the backup has run.


Conclusion: Create a 3-part system to save and backup your files. If your computer breaks, you can be relaxed because you have two other possibilities to access your files.

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