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Brand collateral

December 6, 2017

Do you think you’re finished when you have a logo, colors, and fonts for your brand? There’s so much more you will need when you start marketing your brand. This is called brand collateral. Find out what it is and how to choose what kind of brand collateral you need.



What is brand collateral?


Brand collaterals are basically add-ons to your brand identity design. Everything you need to promote and market your business falls into this category. This includes digital as well as print materials depending on your business. Your brand collateral design must match your brand identity which means you have to use the same colors, fonts, and styles throughout everything you design for your brand. Consistency is very important and that’s why your brand collateral should reflect your brand from your business card to your media kit.


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A logo, colors, and fonts aren't all you need. There’s so much more you will need when you start marketing your brand. This is called brand collateral. But what do you need? Find it out | thatistheday.com

A list of brand collateral


Okay, so your business card would be one thing that can be included in your brand collateral but what else do you need to think of. Here’s a list of collateral items to give you some ideas. Keep in mind, what you need depends on the kind of business you have.



business cards










gift cards






icons/ favicons

social buttons

blog header

profile photos


email signature


blog post images

social media images

media kits

content upgrades



foil lettering

vehicle signage

shop signage

neon signs

window decoration

exhibition stands


How to choose what kind of brand collateral you actually need?


You need collateral everywhere you interact with your customers. Of course, this looks different for each business. If you have a brick and mortar business, you handle your customers different from somebody who works online.


To find out what you need, you first have to write down your process. Make a list of the things you do from sending out emails to writing a blog post if your business is based online. If you have a store you could include everything from welcoming the customer at the door to handing over the receipt.


Now, mark every point in your process where you come into contact with your customers and where you communicate them.


For each of these points, you probably need different kinds of collateral items to execute them. In the next step, write down what exactly you need and you have your brand collateral.


Example: At checkout in your store you might need price tags to scan, receipts to give out, a stamp, and shopping bags. You could also decide to put a flyer of an upcoming sale into each bag.




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