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The importance of a solid brand foundation

January 23, 2017

The first thing new business owners think about when they start building their brand is to create a logo. And already, they are stuck. What do I want my logo to look like? What to include? Which color should I choose? That’s because they try to build a home starting by the roof. If you want a successful and sustainable brand, you need to build a solid brand foundation first.


What is your brand foundation?


I want you to think of your brand foundation as the base of your brand. It’s a place where you set-up the main components to help you start your business and maintain and grow it in the future.


When we talk about branding we always think about the brand design. But before you start creating your logo and identity you need to focus on a solid brand foundation. Learn how to develop a strong brand foundation | thatistheday.com #branding #brandclarity #brandidentity


What is included in your brand foundation?


Brand values


Your brand values are the core of your brand. They set the tone for everything you do. Your values should reflect what you want to stand for and how you want to be seen by your audience.

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Brand story


People connect to your brand through stories. In order to attract their attention, you have to tell them the story behind your brand. A good story goes beyond facts and numbers; it conveys a message in a more emotional way.

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Mission statement


Your mission statement is the shortest and most effective way to tell your audience what your brand is about and how they can profit from it.


Brand position


Before you can market your product/ service you have to find out where your position in the market is by finding out more about your competition and your ideal audience.


Brand persona


We can’t relate to robots. You have to give your brand real character traits to make it unique. If your audience resonates with this persona, means, they share interests, beliefs, and dreams, they are more likely to buy from you.


Why is this brand foundation important?


Your brand foundation can help you in many ways. Be it small or big decisions, it is like a map that guides you. It provides you with the fundamentals to succeed with your business as are:


Providing a cohesive brand experience

throughout your design, communication, and service by focusing on your values with everything you say and do.

Gaining trust

by being authentic and approachable in the way you tell your story and clear about your brand’s mission.

Being valuable

by knowing your position and attracting the right audience.

Developing a sustainable strategy

to grow your business by basing it on your brand foundation.



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