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How to draw brand inspiration from fashion

March 25, 2019

You’re probably in a business niche which has nothing to do with fashion. And when you started to collect brand inspiration your first impulse was to search for images which explain what you do. But you’re missing out if you don’t look further than your niche. Brand inspiration can be found everywhere. Drawing inspiration from fashion is very helpful when you’re defining your brand style. I can give you several reasons why.


Why fashion inspires us


You don’t have to be an influencer or designer to be inspired by fashion. To some extent we all do fashion. If you follow the trend or if you prefer staying classic. You decide every day what you wear.


Fashion is constantly changing which makes it so interesting. But it also marks the time we live in. I bet you still remember the outfits you wore in the nineties or if you’re old like me even the eighties. You can already see how fashion influences us.


Thinking about your brand and brand styling, fashion has so much to offer. It provides us with inspiration from patterns over colors to fabrics. Fashion has always inspired other art forms like graphic design, music, film, and interior design.


If you don’t look to fashion for brand inspiration you’re missing out. Brand inspiration can be found everywhere. Drawing inspiration from fashion is very helpful when you're defining your brand style. Here are several reasons why | thatistheday.com #brandstyling #brandinspiration #entrepreneur #fashion

Brand inspiration can be found everywhere. But especially fashion can inspire your brand style and help you to attract your target audience. Learn how | thatistheday.com #brandstyling #brandinspiration #entrepreneur #fashion
You don't have to be an influencer or designer to be inspired by fashion. To some extent we all do fashion. And fashion can help you to define your brand style | thatistheday.com #branding #design #brandinspiration #brandingtips #fashion


Define your brand personality through fashion


When you’re building your brand one of the most important things to do is defining your brand personality. In the effort to make your brand more human and attract your target audience, you’ll treat your brand as a person. Of course, you can define character traits for your brand, your values, gender or age. But if you really want to create a persona it’s all about mindset and lifestyle.


When you look at the person in front of you, you instantly have an idea of who they are. This idea can come from the person’s mimic, gestic or appearance. But it also has a lot to do with the clothes somebody wears. What we wear says a lot about who we are. Is this person’ outfit classic, trendy or sporty? It will give you hints about who they are and what they do.


So why not use this to tell people more about your brand and brand personality? If you already think about your brand as a person, take it one step further. Try to describe your brand’s fashion style. What would she or he wear?


Once you define the style which fits your brand you’ll find so much inspiration, believe me. And what’s even better, you can easily integrate this inspiration into your brand design. Fashion styles like minimal, boho, or grunge can be found everywhere in graphic design. The colors, fabrics, and prints will help you to create icons and backgrounds, choose fonts and a color palette, or even create your logo.


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Attract your target audience


Your brand style shouldn’t only show off your brand. No, it also helps you to attract your tribe. We always say, like attracts like. With your brand style, it’s not different. But before you start looking for inspiration you need to define your target audience as well.


Here it can also help to take a look at fashion. When you define your target audience it’s interesting to look at a regular day in their life. The clothes they usually wear can give you hints to what they would be attracted by. A mother of three would probably prefer sneakers to high heels. She might be less attracted by a brand with a glamorous and elegant vibe.


Create a cohesive brand style


Fashion can even teach you more. Creating a cohesive style for your brand is nothing else than pulling an outfit together. I am sure you’ve stumbled upon blog posts which teach you how to wear one piece of clothes in several different ways. Because fashion isn’t only about the clothes you wear it’s also about how you wear them.


Combine different items through styling techniques and add accessories to create an outfit. What you want to achieve is that the elements of your brand design/ outfit look great when brought together. They shouldn’t be stand-alone pieces but a complete outfit. Everything needs to work together.


The great thing is, fashion inspiration can be found everywhere. There are fashion blogs, Pinterest, fashion magazines.  But you can also look at what people around you are wearing or search your own closet.


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