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The difference between brand recognition and brand awareness

May 6, 2019

Brand recognition and brand awareness are often used interchangeably but they’re not the same thing. Even if you’re at the start of your business journey you probably know that branding is a long-term thing. It’s not something you do once and be over with.


When you set out on this brand journey you’re taking your customer with you. And the goal of this journey is brand loyalty. Branding is a tool to transform simple followers into fans on the way. Brand recognition and awareness are two major factors for this transformation.


Brand recognition and brand awareness are often used interchangeably but they're not the same thing. So what’s the difference between those two and how does this affect your business? Find out more | thatistheday.com #brandrecognition #contentmarketing #branding #creativebusiness

While brand recognition and awareness are important for your business’ success they aren’t interchangeable. Find out what’s the difference between these two and which strategies to use to make both work for you | thatistheday.com #brandrecognition #contentmarketing #brandawareness #creativebusiness
What actually is brand recognition and why it’s not the same as brand awareness we’ll clarify in this article. As well as how to make them work for your brand and transform your followers into fans | thatistheday.com #brandrecognition #brandawareness #brandingtips #creativebusiness


What’s brand recognition?


If you think about the way a customer goes from follower to fan, brand recognition is the first step. Before somebody ever buys something from you, he first needs to know that your brand exists.


Building brand recognition means nothing else than getting onto people’s radar. It’s always a result of showing up consistently in voice and visuals. Using consistent colors, fonts, and messaging will make it easy for people to remember your brand.


What’s brand awareness?


The next step for your customer on the road to becoming a loyal fan is brand awareness. Once you captured people’s attention they’ll want to find out more. This means getting to know you and your team, your brand values and story and engaging on a personal basis.


You want to establish your name inside your niche and be on top of people’s minds. In other words, you want to set yourself apart from your competition. To which degree people prefer your brand over others will be defined by their brand awareness aka. how good they know your brand.


Brand awareness is, in the end, a result of brand recognition. These two work together in an ongoing effort to create brand loyalty and influence people’s buying habits.


Strategies to build brand recognition


In order to build brand recognition, you need to have a well-defined brand identity in place. This identity will direct how you show up in voice and visuals and help you to do so consistently.


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Showing up consistently will ensure your brand not only gets seen but also remembered. People will start to identify your brand with what you offer. This means you’ll start to find your place in the market.


How to build recognition


  • High quality, consistent content. Choose your content form (written, video, audio)
  • Micro-content on social media platforms. Focus on 1-2 platforms.
  • Guest blogging
  • PR campaigns
  • Establishing your brand style and applying it on your website and social media


Strategies to build brand awareness


To build brand awareness you need to focus on what sets you apart from your competition and to engage with your followers and potential customers on a deeper level. Letting them be a part of your culture.


How to build awareness


  • Affiliate/ referral marketing
  • Involve influencers in your marketing efforts
  • Improve your brand experience by asking customers for feedback
  • Set yourself apart from competitors by telling your brand story and building connections with followers
  • Email marketing

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