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4 ways to embrace fall

October 15, 2019

Fall is the perfect time to slow things down. The year is coming to an end, the days grow shorter, nights longer, and it’s getting colder. But instead of being sad to let go of summer, I say, you should embrace fall in all its glory. This season has so much to offer. So sit down with a cup of tea and let me tell you why I love fall and how I plan to embrace this lovely season.


Fall: an ode to simple things


Fall is the season of traditions. With harvest and giving thanks, we take the time to appreciate the simple things in life. Besides Halloween and Thanksgiving, fall is less busy than other seasons. Our schedules leave us some time to breathe. Time we can use to wind down and treat ourselves with simple joys. For example, spending an afternoon reading or making a homemade meal with seasonal vegetables and spices. It’s time for us to focus on what we have and use our resources to get creative. Fall gives us so many possibilities from outdoor activities to gathering with friends and family. But it also leaves us the space to be quiet and recharge.


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4 ways to embrace fall


This year, I want to focus on these simple pleasures and make a conscious effort to embrace all the great things which the season has to offer us.


Embrace fall light and air


Fall is a time of change. We’re between the glaring, bright summer days and the cold and dark days of winter. In fall we get a bit of both. The air is crisp and cool in the morning but in the afternoon we’re hit with the last rays of the sun for the year. The light changes and makes moments spend outside magical. Choosing to embrace fall means spending more time outside as long as we still can. Going for a walk and enjoying the play of colors. We rarely have the time to enjoy being outside. There’s always someplace we need to go to or an appointment we’re already late for. This fall, you can change that. Take in all the details on your walk. Explore your neighborhood. You might be surprised at what you find.


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Depending on where you live, there are some great outdoor activities like apple picking or hayrides you can participate in.


However, if it’s raining, and this is part of fall too, this doesn’t mean you can’t get into a fall vibe. Nothing is better than lighting a candle and getting comfy with a good book and a tea on a Sunday afternoon while the rain gently beats on your windowpane. Check out which books I am reading right now.


embrace autumn by making home cooked meals with seasonal vegetables and spices | thatistheday.com

Embrace spices and flavors


Nothing says more clearly ‘it’s fall’ than the smell of pumpkin spice or hot cider. There are so many seasonal fruits and vegetables available that it’s a pleasure to cook. Embracing fall, for me, means lots of simple home-cooked meals like soups and stews. Baked goods as well like apple crisps and all things cinnamon. Here are some recipes I want to try:


Cinnamon Sugar Scones by Smitten Kitchen


Best Damn Lentil Soup by A Couple Cooks


Spices and flavors will get you in the mood for fall. Enjoy chai lattes to keep you warm or make your own apple cider. I’ve already found my favorite fall beverage this year. In the afternoons I make myself a cup of chai latte with a homemade chai spices mix and my Pour Over Coffee Maker. I mix a spoonful of chai spices with my regular coffee, pour hot water over it, add some milk and it’s ready to enjoy.


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Embrace cozy fabrics


Okay, I must admit, in fall you often don’t know what to wear. It’s cold in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. You’re either freezing or too hot. That’s why layers are essential in fall. It’s finally sweater weather. Fall is all about getting cozy and we can pull out scarves, wool socks, and our favorite sweater. Let’s be honest, fall gives us many possibilities to style up our outfits by using different colors, fabrics, and accessories. Why not embrace the season by creating a fall-inspired capsule wardrobe.


And the best thing about fashion in fall is that you can wear boots with everything from classy dresses to casual jeans and sweater outfits. Need some inspiration? City Girl Gone Mom has listed the 10 best fall boots for kicking leaves.


Embrace fall colors


When the leaves change their color and we’re flooded with shades in mustard, orange, and burgundy we also want to take this play of colors inside. It’s really simple to embrace fall in your home decoration as well. Use natural fall colors to set accents with blankets and pillows or use nature’s abundance to create a wreath with what you find on an afternoon walk.


I am not much of a decorator but even a couple of pumpkins and some candles will do the trick.


Another way to embrace the colors of fall is by using them in your outfits or even your make-up. Now is the time to try a bold lipstick, don’t you think?


How are you planning to embrace this season? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to pin this post for later ↓

Halloween, apple picking, chai lattes, there are so many ways you can enjoy autumn. Find out how I am planning to embrace autumn this year | thatistheday.com #slowliving #fallvibes #autumninspiration

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