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6 responses to “What does a logo cost?

  1. Linda Bjaland

    I was a graphic designer for over 35 years with a college degree. It was a time when few females worked in the industry. I started before computers with mostly marker layouts and type galleys. With the advent of the computer everybody thought they were graphic designers. It’s an uphill battle to educate clients that is not the case and you get what you pay for. Who would have thought that a personal typing class in high school would come in handy 20 years later. I see billboards, ads, flyers and logos and wonder what were they thinking?

    • Sandra @thatistheday

      Thanks for your comment Linda. I work in graphic design for a long time myself and I think we will always have to explain the value of professional design to our clients. Even more today with free logo generator sites and $5 offers out there.

    • Sandra

      Of course there is. But you should be sure of what it is that you want. A lot of people seem to be expecting the same result when they pay $5 than if they pay $100. Essentially, they expect a high-end service for a minimal price. I wrote this post because many people are complaining about the logos they get from the services offering low prices.
      I don’t want to dismiss this services though. As you said, there’s a market for every kind of client. For some, a logo might not be as important as other elements of their brand or they don’t have the budget to buy something more expensive. But no matter what they decide, they should know what they get.

  2. Krista DeLisle

    Great Article! Not many people understand that if you want a good design in the end that requires lots of time and planning it’s not a 30 minute project.

    • Sandra

      So true, Krista. That’s what I really find important to point out. You get what you pay. An inexpensive solution is often more expensive in the end because you’re not satisfied with the outcome.