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5 Logo design mistakes you need to avoid

August 8, 2016

Your logo is the first and most important part of your brand. Everything starts from here. If your logo sucks, your business will look unprofessional. There are 5 common mistakes you should avoid in your logo design.

5 logo design mistakes to avoid


Your logo was made in Photoshop


If your logo contains raster images, you are limited in usability. It’s better to create a vector-based design because it is endlessly scalable. Think about high-resolution displays or large format prints. With a vector file, you are on the safe side. For more about the difference between vector and raster read this post: 10 Most Used Design Terms Explained


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Limited range of application


This one is important! You need to plan ahead, even before you start creating your logo. Write down multiple areas you want to use your logo. Where do you need your logo now and maybe in the future (website, social media, business letters, email signature, stamp, packaging, newspaper ads …). Why is this important? For every area of usage, you have different requirements. Just one example: How does your logo look in black and white. Is it still readable, does it still serve its purpose? If you’re not sure, just make a b&w copy or even better, fax it to somebody (yeah! This is sooo ‘90s.).


Too much


The most common mistake is wanting too much. If you are indecisive with your general brand message and you want to please everybody, you often please nobody. Your logo should be as simple as it can be and your message will be instantly clear. This applies to all parts of your logo. Don’t use more than 1 or two fonts. The same goes for colors and other elements you use in your logo.


A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. — Antoine de Saint Exupéry


Going for trendy


What happens when the trend is over? Will you hop on to the next trend and put your logo in the back of your closet, as you did with the leopard print leggings? When it comes to your logo, you should opt for a classic design rather than a trendy. A couple of years ago all new logos used some kind of gradient or glow. Now you don’t see a lot of these anymore. Take a look at logos that haven’t changed over a long period of time. Most of them have a simple and classic design e.g. Nike or Coca-Cola. But don’t be a copycat! The reason why their logos work is that they created something unique.


Choosing the wrong fonts


Apart from choosing too many fonts, you can also choose the wrong fonts or a wrong combination of fonts. Many logos are composed just of fonts. This works well if you pick a font that suits your brand. For logo design, you should use script fonts or decorative fonts sparsely and only if fitting. A handwriting font might be fitting if you are selling candles but not if you are an accountant.


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