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6 steps to optimize your Pinterest boards

Before you can really start pinning, you have to create boards. Easier said than done. How many boards should you create? How to name these boards? This and more will be explained in this post. Let’s get into detail on how to optimize your Pinterest boards in 6 steps |

Before you can really start pinning, you have to create boards. Easier said than done. How many boards should you create? How to name these boards? This and more will be explained in this post. Let’s get into detail on how to optimize your Pinterest boards in 6 steps.


How to name your Pinterest boards?


If you are pinning for business or for your blog, you should skip fancy names because you want to look professional. When thinking up a name for your board, go for something that makes instantly clear what your board is about. You can use Google or even Pinterest to look for keywords, your audience might search for.


Add descriptions to your boards


Don’t skip this step. Pinterest and search engines like Google pull their data from your board name and description. If you want to appear in search results, you have to make the most of it. You can see it’s important to add some keywords into your description as well.


Change your board covers


Pinterest automatically picks the first image you have pinned to the board for the board cover. In regard to your branding, you should change these covers to be recognizable to your audience/ clients. A branded profile looks more professional. You can either choose one of your own pins as a cover on each board like you can see in the example of Calliframe beneath or create a special pin image to use as your cover (see the example of Julie Harris). If you’re going for this option: Go to your board and click save a pin. You can upload an image directly from your desktop. Then, go to edit board. In the window which opens now, you can change your cover and choose the pin you added before. A third option would be to pick pins with images in your brand colors to create a consistent look. Learn more about how to improve your complete Pinterest profile with these 5 tips.

6 steps to optimize your Pinterest boards

6 steps to optimize your Pinterest boards


Arrange your boards for optimum engagement


Boards in the top middle of your profile perform best. That’s where the eye goes first when somebody comes to your profile. Here you should put your best/ most important boards e.g. the top categories you write about on your blog, boards which are performing well (take a look at your Pinterest analytics) or a board where you pin all your blog posts to.


Let’s talk numbers


How many boards should you create?


A good number of boards is about 15 to 20, to begin with. If you want to start with 10, that’s okay, too. You can always add more along the way. To come up with topics for your boards, you can take a look at your blog categories. What topics do you write about or in what does your business specialize? Then look for similar topics, your audience might be interested in.


How many pins should be on each board?


You should have at least 10 pins on your board. Take advantage of secret boards here. Keep your board secret until you have pinned a couple of pins to it and make it public then. Empty boards don’t look good. If somebody lands on your board he or she is surely looking for more information on one topic. If you only have one article pinned, you loose a possible new follower.


Once you reach a number of 500 pins on your a board, you might want to consider to split it up. For example: If you have a home and garden board, you can split this into two boards. One for home, one for garden. A garden board you could further split into gardening tools, plants, and garden furniture. I think you know where I am going with this. But you should only create boards you are sure, you will pin to on a regular basis. Don’t create boards, you will abandon later on. If I find a board on a topic I am interested in, I always look when was the last time this person pinned something onto the board. If I see it was 5 months ago, I won’t follow the board because I am not sure there will be new information for me. Also, if you have boards, you no longer pin to, don’t delete them. If you don’t want to loose this board’s followers, just make it secret board.


Delete pins


This probably sounds weird but, in order to optimize your rank on Pinterest, you should delete pins from time to time. Boards with high performing pins rank higher in Pinterest search. In order for your boards to perform well on Pinterest, you need to delete pins with a low number of repins. This doesn’t mean you have to delete every pin that’s under 1k repins. Just sort out some from time to time. Also, nobody will scroll through a board of 1000 pins completely.


In order to sort out my boards, I go through them strategically from time to time. I have a list of all my boards. If I can spare 2 minutes, I start on top of this list. I pick the first board and scroll right to the bottom. So I can start with the oldest pins first, delete low performing pins, pins which might not be of interest anymore or pins I have pinned double. Once I am finished with this board, I cross it off the list and move on to the next.

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