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5 podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

November 19, 2018

Do you also love to listen to podcasts? Podcasts aren’t only a great pastime, they can also inspire and motivate you. You can learn something new and improve your skills. Even if you only have a couple of minutes during your lunch break to listen. I’ve created this list for you of some of my favorites. They cover topics around business, marketing, and creativity. If you’re a creative entrepreneur make sure to check them out.



Do you also love to listen to podcasts? Podcasts aren’t only a great pastime, they can also inspire and motivate you | thatistheday.com #podcast #creativeentrepreneur #business

The 5 best podcasts for creative entrepreneurs you need to listen to today covering topics all around business, marketing, and creativity | thatistheday.com #podcasts #entrepreneur #business


1. Creative Pep Talk


My favorite podcast. Making you laugh and cry. Sometimes at the same time. Andy J. Miller tells the real story of being a creative entrepreneur. He doesn’t exclude the dark side and is totally honest about the struggles we have as creatives. His own story shows that career paths aren’t always straight. Sometimes you have to make a detour to find your purpose in life. The word pep talk is on point because this podcast not only makes you feel inspired but it’s also the kick of motivation you need. There are also lots of interviews with inspiring artists from all fields. You can find one of my favorites with Fran Meneses here.

Check out the podcast: http://www.creativepeptalk.com


2. The Accidental Creative


This podcast is from creatives for creatives. Todd Henry discusses the struggles creatives have, overcoming your fears, and creating better. A real goldmine of information, tips, and tricks. Especially on how we tick as creatives and how to improve your work. You’ll also find many interviews with leaders from different creative fields. A good resource for all creatives. Most episodes are short and great to listen to during your lunch break.


Go, listen to the podcast: https://www.accidentalcreative.com/podcasts/


3. Happier


A podcast about happiness and creating a happier life. Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft explore all topics around happiness and good habits. A weekly source of inspiration. Often spiked with little life anecdotes and quick tips to improve your life step by step.


Check out the show: https://gretchenrubin.com/podcasts/


4. Online marketing made easy with Amy Porterfield


Marketing advice for every creative entrepreneur regardless of your industry. Like so many of us, Amy stepped away from her corporate career to pursue her own business. This makes her the perfect fit for giving you advice and talk about her own experience. She does this with transparency and authenticity. Real-life struggles and failure included. But she also brings on other experts on the show like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, or Marie Forleo. Just to name a few.


Go to the website: https://www.amyporterfield.com/amy-porterfield-podcast/


5. Being Boss


Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are the hosts of this awesome podcast. Both successful creative entrepreneurs, they talk about everything business-related. It’s like having coffee with your BFF. They don’t shy away from difficult topics nobody wants to talk about openly. You will get a good dose of advice on how to run a business with integrity. And most importantly, your own way.


Listen to the podcast: https://beingboss.club/podcast


Do you have some suggestions? What’s your favorite podcast? Leave a comment below.

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