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4 quick morning rituals which only take a minute

September 9, 2019

A great morning routine can change your life. From Hollywood star to the guy next door, everybody is talking about its benefits. Though, not everybody has the time or energy for a 3-hour routine complete with meditation, workout, and gratitude journaling. If you’re part of the I-don’t-have-time-for-that sisterhood, read on to discover some quick morning rituals to start your day with a bang. They’ll only take you a minute.


Having a healthy and productive start into your day is one thing, getting up at 5 am to fit in a 27-points morning routine, is something completely different. Morning routines shouldn’t be all or nothing. Most of all there shouldn’t be any pressure. It’s on you to decide how much time you want to invest. And if you have only 5 minutes to spare, you can still make the best out of this time.


A great morning routine can change your life. But what if you don't have enough time? Read now to discover some quick morning rituals which only take a minute | thatistheday.com #morningroutine #creativeliving #habits


I am lucky. Working from home gives me the freedom to create my schedule. I can take my time to go through my morning routine. My routine is nothing fancy (you can take a look at my morning routine here) and it takes me about 1,5 hours from getting up to starting my workday. 


However, I’ll be going back to being an employee soon. This means I have to be in a specific place at a certain time. ‘My routine has to change because I am not going to get up at 5 am’ was my first thought. Some of the things I do every morning have become real habits though. They need to stay for me to function. That’s what got me into searching for some quick rituals to set me up for the day. For me, it’s very important what I do first thing in the morning. My routine needs to be mindful and calm to set the tone for the day. I need some quietness before the storm. Most importantly, I don’t want any pressure and stress as soon as I get up. Those were my thoughts when I came up with a list of quick morning rituals.


open the windows, let in light and fresh air | morning rituals


start your day right | morning rituals


4 quick morning rituals 


These tiny rituals will improve your day and they only take a minute each. They’re great if you’re busy in the mornings or you don’t want to get up earlier. For somebody who would like to start a morning routine, these rituals present a great way to start small and expand later on. Try them out!


Let in the light


As soon as you get up, open the window and let in the light. Natural light and fresh air are the best way to start your day. When the early morning light hits your eyes, it signals your body to stop melatonin production. This wakes you up. At the same time, your body starts releasing cortisol which is needed to provide you with energy. Even on cloudy days, this will work. You can find out more about how this works and what are other benefits of sunlight in the article below.


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You can also benefit from the fresh air coming in. Especially if you sleep with your windows closed, your brain might need some oxygen in the morning. This makes you feel energetic and ready to conquer your day. If you can, step outside for a minute. Fresh air is the best medicine and it’s said to reduce stress if you concentrate on your breathing for a moment.


Stretch yourself


You can take this even further by stretching your body. Light stretching in the morning sets your circulation into action. While you sleep your muscles tend to tighten. If you’re sometimes waking up, feeling a little sore because you’ve slept in a weird position (I often do), stretching will relieve your muscles. Besides that, it also has a calming effect.


Make your bed


A clear space is a clear mind. Making your bed straight away brings you clarity and sets the intention for the day. The room will instantly look orderly. Once you’ve made your bed you’re also less likely to curl up in your sheets and go back to sleep. A tiny task like this will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something and it only takes a minute.


Drink some water


After 7 to 8 hours of sleep, your body is dehydrated and desperately needs some water. Coffee will only make it worse. To counter that effect, drink a big glass of water before your first coffee. We need to hydrate regularly throughout the day. Though, often we forget to drink enough water. But with the first glass, you’re already setting the intention. This will make it easier to follow through the rest of the day.


Drinking water within a couple of minutes after getting up will set your metabolism into motion. Water not only helps you to digest it also flushes out toxins. Especially if you add some lemon to it. At the same time, the lemon provides you with vitamin C. If that’s not a reason to pick up this ritual than I don’t know.


What do you think of these 4 quick morning rituals? Would you like to add something? Let me know in the comments.

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