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How to schedule pins to Pinterest

To reach your audience on Pinterest, you want to be in their feed. But you can't pin 24/7 in order to do this. Schedule pins to Pinterest to save time and be more efficient. Click through to learn how |

Pinterest brings a huge amount of traffic to blogs in all niches because today people use Pinterest as a kind of search engine. They consult it to look for new products, advice, tutorials, DIY instructions and more. So for many bloggers and businesses it has become their #1 marketing tool. In order to reach your audience on Pinterest, like on other social media outlets, you want to appear in their feeds. But to achieve this you would have to be online 24/7. That’s not doable. What you need is a scheduling tool. This basically allows you to collect pins in advance and then pin constantly throughout the day. There are a couple of good tools out there like Buffer and Boardbooster and I recommend to do some research and testing (most offer a free trial) before you decide.

For me the best tool to schedule your pins is Tailwind*. I am all for easy to figure out and easy to handle. Basically, Tailwind is my Pinterest strategy. I will lead you a bit through its advantages to show you what I mean.


Set up your Tailwind account


When you set-up your account you will connect it to your Pinterest account. You will be led through all necessary steps. As I said above it’s easy peasy. Tailwind will get information from Pinterest like your number of pins, followers or information about your boards. Now Tailwind also gives you advice to improve your account. You’re even told if one of your boards is missing a description. You should also connect your Facebook or Twitter account in order to send pins to these outlets. (With Tailwind you will soon also be able to connect to Instagram and pin from there.) The whole setup only takes a couple of minutes and you’re ready to go.

Track your Pinterest stats with Tailwind to see what works


Take a look at your statistics


Tailwind shows you everything you need. Which pins are doing well, how many new followers you have, your number of repins and likes. With board insights, you are able to see which boards are doing well. You are looking for referral traffic to your website? Even this you can find in the stats.


Schedule your pins with Tailwind to be more efficient.Start scheduling your pins


The browser extension works like the Pinterest extension. You hover over an image and click schedule. This will open a window for you. Here you can select one board or a couple of boards if you want to. You can change or enter a description and just add it to your queue or select a special time. The queue is really the best thing about Tailwind. You can see all your pins in an overview and you can rearrange them by drag and drop. In your schedule, you can set the number of pin per day by adding timeslots. Tailwind will tell you the best times for pinning. I currently pin 20 to 30 pins per day. And the best thing is, I only need about two hours to schedule one week of pins! If you are pinning your posts to multiple boards with similar content e. g. group boards, you can create board lists. These show up when you select a board for your pin. This way, you don’t have to enter board by board. It’s just one click and Tailwind will do the rest for you. You are also able to select an interval if you don’t want to add the pin to all boards at the same time. Tip: If you’re not pinning to group boards already, you should definitely give it a try. Read my post on How to create/join a group board


View your scheduled pins in a queue. Move them around with drag and dropMobile application


With the Tailwind app on your phone, you can schedule on the go. This is the fastest way to fill up your queue. I use both Tailwind and Pinterest app on my mobile and they connect easily. If you find something to pin, and you will because you are on your phone anyway all day, click the arrow when hovering over a pin on Pinterest or the send button in your browser and select Tailwind. The rest works like on your computer.




Tailwind will cost you $15/month or $119 if you pay annually. You can cancel at any time if you don’t like it. If you want to find out more about Tailwind, you can do this here*.


Do you schedule your pins? If yes, which tool do you use? Tell me in the comments and don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest. You can have a look at my Pinterest boards here.


*disclaimer: The link above is an affiliate link. If you buy something through this link, I will earn a small commission of this sale. Rest assured, I would never tell you about a product, if I am not 100 % positive about it. I use Tailwind for some months already and it works great for me.


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