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Should you put prices on your website

October 15, 2018

Are you hesitating to put prices on your website? Many entrepreneurs fear shying prospective clients away immediately. Even before they have time to explain the real value of their offer. But your value isn’t only based on the amount of money people pay for your service. It includes everything you bring to the table. Your experience, client success rate, systems you’ve put into place, performance, your personality and more.


There are two things which help you to explain your value. Your branding and your copy. If your branding is on point it shows off your personality. It will also help you to build a direct connection with your target client and highlights what makes your offer unique. Good copy helps you to communicate your experience and builds trust. If you look at it like this, your website will actually do the selling for you. This makes it very easy for prospective clients to decide if your offer is the right fit for them. You don’t have to fear that a price tag will cost you clients. You can even benefit from having the price on your website and here’s why:


Still hesitating to put prices on your website? Here are 4 reasons why you need to list your service prices on your website | thatistheday.com #business #onlinebusiness #marketingservices


The first thing


The first thing people want to know is: How much? What does it cost? Let’s say a potential client likes your portfolio and your offer speaks to him. The next thing he wants to know, before making any other decision, is if he can afford you. You put up a barrier if you don’t list your price. Making him go through the hustle of contacting you to find out. And this could actually shy him away.


It’s similar to when you see something you like (a gorgeous pair of shoes e.g.) and you can’t find the price tag anywhere. Often you just assume it’s too expensive without bothering to ask. Putting prices on your website gives potential clients the information they need to make their decision.




This might come off very harsh but not every client is actually the right fit for you. Your price tag also defines the clients you work with. You wouldn’t book a 5-star hotel if you only have the budget for 2 stars either. And honestly, if a client tells you right from the start, you’re too expensive, it’s a good sign for trouble.


For some people, your services will just be out of their budget and that’s ok. By putting your prices on your site you make sure to attract your target clients and weed out the rest. You select those who can afford to pay you and who you can serve best.


Offering a service? Here's why you need to list prices on your website | thatistheday.com


It’s your time


Being transparent has one great advantage. You avoid getting calls and emails from people who don’t value your work or who aren’t willing to pay the price it costs. With no prices on your site, you will find yourself wasting a lot of time writing quotes and doing calls with people who won’t hire you in the end. Wouldn’t you rather spend this time on tasks which actually make you money?


If it feels uncomfortable


During those calls or back and forth email conversations, once you start discussing money, your price might come as a complete shock to your client and you’ll find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Especially if you don’t like to talk about money. With a price on your website, you can avoid your discovery call turns into an awkward sales pitch.


A compromise for listing your prices


If your pricing varies or you’re still hesitating to list a fixed price, why not put a “starting at” amount on your page. This will leave you some room to play with but it will also give potential clients a bit of direction.


What do you think? Putting prices on your site: YAY or NAY? Let me know in the comments below.

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