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5 ways to tap into your creativity

July 22, 2019

Creativity surrounds us. It always has been. Sadly, we often feel we’ve lost it. We say that we don’t have the time or energy to create. But often it’s more a lack of courage which keeps us from following our creative pursuits. We’re afraid to fail and that’s why we don’t even want to start. And if we start we’re always looking for a perfect result hence we never finish. If you’re ready to put your fears aside and you want to tap into your creativity, there are some easy ways to get you going.


Creativity surrounds us. It always has been. Sadly, we often feel we’ve lost it. We say that we don’t have the time or energy to create. If you're ready to change that, click through to find 5 ways to start right now | thatistheday.com #creativelife #creativity #creativehabits



Can everybody be creative?


Creativity is not for everybody. You might have heard this phrase often. Maybe you even thought yourself that you’re not creative. For the longest time, I thought that’s the case. I felt like an impostor. Have you ever seen a designer who isn’t good at drawing? Well, that’s me. And because my doodles of a person look more like stickmen, I felt like I wasn’t cut out for the job. 19 years later and I am still doing this job.


The thing is, as kids, we didn’t have a problem to tap into our creativity. We indulged in it. Failure wasn’t a question for us. We weren’t pushing for perfect either. It was all about doing and having fun while doing it. For me, this is what creativity is about. And you can still be creative even if you have lost this childish enthusiasm or almost unlearned being creative over the years. Your creativity isn’t lost.


Why we need creativity in our lives


Creativity impacts your life more than you might think. It’s said to reduce stress and anxiety. It also pushes you to address your fears as we’ve already talked about above. Most importantly though, creativity makes you look at the world with different eyes. It encourages creative thinking, which is a skill that will serve you as an employee, boss, wife, or mom. No need to be an artist to take advantage of being creative.


Of course, these are only a couple of examples of why creativity is important. But they’re worth to give it a try, don’t you think?


Read more on creative thinking: Harris, Robert. “Evaluating Internet Research Sources.” VirtualSalt. 21 January 2015.


5 ways to tap into your creativity


Now that you’re ready to reignite your creativity, take a look at these 5 easy ways to let creativity be part of your daily life.


Ready to tap into your creativity? Here are the 5 best ways to make creativity part of your day | thatistheday.com #creativity #creativethinking #creativeentrepreneur


Get lost


Adding something new to your habitual day and letting your brain absorb new impressions is the best way to get your creative juices flowing. Like they say, old ways won’t open new doors. By breaking away from your routines or trying something you’ve never done before you’ll set your creativity into motion. It’s very simple. You don’t have to do something extreme like trying out bungee jumping. It could simply be taking a new route to work in the morning or checking out your neighborhood on an afternoon walk. Give yourself the time to discover. Slow down and notice the small things you normally wouldn’t pay attention to.


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Unplug for real


A tiny social media detox can work wonders for your creativity. Most of the time we have so much input all day that our brains can’t even process half of it. Calming down this constant flow of information is often the only way we can listen to our inner voice. Give yourself a little break and unplug. You’ll notice how you’ll suddenly overflow with new creative ideas. Going off social media or even completely offline will help you to focus on a creative project. It will even provide you with more time.


Keep a journal


Record your thoughts and ideas. Writing is already a creative habit. Besides being a creative outlet, it can also help you to spark new ideas and find solutions for creative problems. It may serve you as a brainstorming tool as well. You can even use your journal to track your creative progress. Journaling is not only for writers. Everybody can profit from regular writing practice.


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Allow yourself to be bored


Boredom and creativity stand in direct relation to each other. Boredom triggers creativity. Now let me ask you something “When was the last time you were bored?”. With the hectic lifestyle we lead today, we’ve eliminated boredom. Though, you only need to think back to when you were a child. On those slow summer weekends, every time you were feeling bored, you would eventually come up with something new to do or even invent a new game. Boredom can set an impulse for creative thinking. Your mind will get restless and start looking for stimulation. And with summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to be a little bored.


Challenge yourself


At times it takes a bit more to lure yourself out of your uncreative, lethargic slump. Sometimes you might need a little kick in the ass. With a creative challenge, you can push yourself beyond your limits. It might be simple for a start like scheduling a weekly rendezvous with creativity into your calendar. But you can easily take this further and make creativity a daily habit. For example with a 30-day challenge like taking a photo every day or writing a fixed amount of words.


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More ideas to tap into your creativity? Add them in the comments!


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