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Do you know what really drives your creativity? Curiosity. Learn how it will impact your creativity and how you can be more curious in your life | #curious #creativeliving #creativity

4 ways curiosity increases creativity

Whenever we talk about creativity, the word “passion” doesn’t take long to jump into the conversation. Passion drives creativity. At […]

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Don't know how to integrate a morning routine into your already busy start of the day? These quick morning rituals could be the answer | #morningroutine #creativeliving #slowliving #morningrituals

4 quick morning rituals which only take a minute

A great morning routine can change your life. From Hollywood star to the guy next door, everybody is talking about […]

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Today, boredom has become a real luxury. But there are some great reasons for you to indulge in it. Find out how it can help you to be more mindful and creative | #bored #slowliving #creativeliving

Why you need to embrace boredom

“I am so bored, I don’t know what to do”, I would often say to my mom on lazy Sunday […]

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