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"It is always the simple that produces the marvelous."

Amelia Barr

that's just me

In my designs, I like to play with fonts and geometrical shapes. Being an advocate of the less is more movement, I create minimalist identities with lots of white space.

You might find my style is in between modern and classic as I take inspiration from everything that surrounds me. This could be a classic novel, I've just read or the sound of a new band that's playing in the background while I work.

For me, branding isn't just a job, it's part of who I am. I want to create a brand that's you and the beginning of an incredible future. Are you ready?


Simplifying design + branding for busy solopreneurs!

what about you

Are you a solopreneur who would love to have a brand you can be proud of? A brand that reflects your vision and personality? A brand that wows your tribe? And a brand that will finally enable you to create the life you want?

Then the WholeBrand Method is for you. Read on to find out more!

The WholeBrand Method

Often, I see brands who don’t use their full potential. They don’t know how to connect all the aspects of their brand to make it work as a whole from brand design over strategy to their brand experience. They maybe have a design concept but don’t know how to implement it on a day-to-day basis. They have scratched the surface of their foundation but didn’t invest the time to get really to the core of their brand and what it’s about. As a consequence, their message is vague or confusing. Their vision will never become reality. Their hard work won’t turn into success. Don’t let this happen. Let’s connect all the dots with my WholeBrand method. This is how it works >>




Brand identity design + more

What do you want with a great brand design if you don't know how to use it? Your brand design doesn't stand alone. It needs to be supported by a strong foundation and you need the know-how to implement this design with confidence to make an impact.

That's why BrandVision includes these three points: brand clarity, brand design, and brand strategy. Through my WholeBrand Method, you will gain clarity on your brand, be in control of the brand design, and finally have the confidence to market your brand with success.

Let's create your brand now! Click the button below, fill out the form and I'll soon be in touch.

Investment $1250



treatment for stagnated brands

If you’re an entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed and stressed out by growing your brand and attracting the right audience. If you feel you have outgrown your DIY brand and want to invest in a professional look that truly represents your brand. Then your brand is ready for this kind of therapy.

Choose BrandTherapy if you need help:

  • Making better decisions based on your brand vision and a clear strategy
  • Setting your brand apart by understanding your values and communicating them
  • Creating a relatable brand that attracts your audience and grows your tribe
  • Aligning all aspects of your brand and making it work as a whole in a stress-free way
  • Gaining the clarity to spread your message with confidence

Be more focused, look professional, stop procrastinating and get results. Unleash the full potential of your brand!

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Investment $1250



quick help for your brand

Feeling overwhelmed and like you’re running in circles? Your brand design needs improvement but everything you tried doesn’t seem to reflect your vision? Your brand strategy isn’t straightforward and you’re missing out on opportunities?

You can stop trying to figure things out on your own. Reading articles and books, watching tutorials to acquire all the knowledge you need takes up a lot of time you could use for working with clients and earning money.

The Brand Session is perfect for solopreneurs who are going the DIY-route with their brand and want a professional opinion and actionable advice to improve their brand design and strategy. Book a session and get the clarity to move forward!

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Investment $95


You heard it through the grapevine

Sandra worked for us in the course of our band’s visual identity conception.

Her work has by far exceeded our expectations. More than creating a logo, she has also declined from it a whole visual universe we can use for a huge amount of online support (social buttons, headers, profile image, post image, templates, email signature etc.) and physical support (business card, flyers, press book etc.).

She knew how to use a skillful blend of listening, understanding, patience, reactivity, and creativity, she dived into our musical universe, immersed herself in it, to create visuals which align perfectly with what our music represents.

To her professional competencies may be added a strong human relation given her kindness, sincerity and her nature.

We are therefore totally satisfied with her involvement and her dutiful daily work on our project and we highly recommend Sandra’s services which are an essential asset for the development of an enterprise.

[Mimo & Jérémy, ZoéBacTaBass]

Clarity is what Sandra gave me. After 7 years running my business, I needed a new focus and a brand to reflect this. With her help I redefined the values and the story I want to share with my customers. Sandra distilled between all my words and ideas the essence of what I have to say. Online Sandra is easy to reach and quick to respond - she'll deliver.
[ Sia Windig, visual content design]

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